Friday, 30 August 2013

Tile: Go big or go home!

The trend in tile for bathrooms and kitchens changes regularly just like every other home finishing.  Over the last few years the larger the better has became the trend.  Now the price point for large tiles has made this look become affordable as well.  Don't get too scared off if you are comparing price per tile, instead do the math and compare price based on square foot. 

It's worth noting that many of the larger tiles are also thicker tiles.  This has its pros and cons.  Because they cover a greater space, a thicker tile should be less likely to break.  However, if you are looking at combining different tiles, such as adding a border or inlay, extra care will be required to ensure that the faces of the tiles are all the same level.  A thicker tile may also become an issue if you are tiling up to other surfaces; keep in mind that if you are removing linoleum and replacing with tile that the level of your floor will change and may require a different transition strip into adjoining rooms.

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